life strong in slums

Life: Born in a Slum

Sajila is a working mother living in the Korail slum in Dhaka city. Her family consists of her husband, mother-in-law, and three children (two daughters and a son). As her husband cannot afford all the maintenance of the family alone, Sajila works as a day laborer to support him.

life strong in slums

This growing community is quite unable to afford city healthcare. When in need, they look forward to semi-trained quacks which results in death or physical disability. Mothers in such poor urban communities give birth in an outdated way even though safe childbirth is a right to every mother in our time. Sajila is expecting her fourth child, but cannot avail the proper medical support an expecting mother should get.

Sajila finally decides to give birth to her child under the supervision of a midwife. She believes, if she has God by her side, she will make it safely, for all her three children have been born this way.

Born in a Slum

Saikat Mojumder (b. 1984) has a special interest in exploring environmental, social, and human rights issues and culture. His major photography works include Geneva Camp: Where Dreams Are Restrained, Jeopardize Forest, Animal Sacrifice on Durga Puja, and Life: Born in a Slum. He achieved the Ian Parry Scholarship, as well as the Excellence Award from China International Press Photo Contest.