CAD Software to Download

Best free CAD Software to Download in 2021

The world of technical drawing is undoubtedly very fascinating, even if it requires a certain degree of preparation to be able to create works of a certain level. However, there are solutions that allow even those who have just approached this activity to be able to learn all the peculiarities and why not, even the secrets.

CAD Software to Download

If you too have decided to become passionate about technical drawing or have just started a course of study to become an architect or engineer, you can take advantage of the many free CAD programs that will allow you to learn everything you need about design and technical drawing.

But what are these programs? You too have probably heard of AutoCAD, undoubtedly one of the most popular software among those on the square. However, in order to use AutoCAD, you have to put your hand to the portfolio (as it also happens for other CAD programs), and that is why I want to show you what are the free alternatives that allow you to have all the CAD functions available anyway, without forcing yourself to waste from an economic point of view.


Let’s start right away with one of the most popular CAD programs, namely FreeCAD. This open-source program for Windows, macOS, and Linux is specially designed for engineering students and also for small professionals who want to make 2D and 3D technical drawings without spending a fortune.

The potential of FreeCAD is truly remarkable, starting with the fact that you can take advantage of the support for a series of file formats (both incoming and outgoing, ed). In addition, in addition to the ability to use 3D graphics, you will certainly find full access from Python a positive one.

It should also be noted that FreeCAD is a modular program, so you can also expand it by adding extensions. Downloading it to your PC is very simple since you just need to go to the official website and click on “Download now” and then on the button that starts the download.


Another very popular free software is LibreCAD, also for Windows, macOS, and Linux. Its main feature is the Italian language, so you can use it with great simplicity and intuitiveness.

Best Free CAD Softwares

Perfect for 2D technical drawing, it is equipped with very complete tools that will allow you to carry out any type of project. It is considered among the best alternatives to AutoCAD.


Even OpenSCAD is considered one of the best free CAD programs for drawing. It may not seem very easy to use, but it is able to provide you with a series of features that will give great quality to your projects.

OpenSCAD is especially appreciated by engineers for its script programming which allows machine parts to be designed quite quickly. OpenSCAD is also compatible with Windows, macOS, and Linux.

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